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Waterfowl breeds include:

Muscovy Ducks

Native to Mexico, they are a large duck with red caruncles around the base of their beaks and a crest on their head. We have had many ducks at Old Mountain Fold, but Muscovies are our favourite. They are very quiet, making only a light hissing sound and muted quack. They communicate by bobbing their heads and wagging their tails, reminiscent of a dog, making them entertaining to watch. They have a very friendly and gentle temperament, making them an excellent pet to have around. Muscovies are prolific layers, and given the chance, breeders, hatching several clutches of ducklings a year. While Muscovies come in a variety of colours, we only breed blues and silvers.


Sebastopol Geese

Geese with fancy feathery frocks!  The feathers on the head and upper part of the neck are normal, while the rest of the feathers have flexible shafts and spiral, or curl. Because their feathers lay loosely, Sebastopols cannot fly and so are easy to contain and ideal for lifestyle blocks and garden ornaments. They descended from the Greylag goose, and their origin is thought to be from the countries surrounding the Black Sea, Hungary and the Balkans. They were known early on in England as Danubian and the Spanish and Italians referred to the breed as Danubio due to importations from the lower Danube river area. How they got the name Sebastopol is a mystery other than some of the first birds may have been imported from the port of Sebastopol.

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