Our heritage poultry breeds include:

Lavender Araucana

A light breed that originated in Chile. They have beautiful grey plumage that boasts muffs and a crest with a peacomb. They are reliable layers of a medium-sized blue to green shelled egg. A great addition to your flock if you would like more colour in your egg basket.


A heavy dual-purpose breed that originate in the town of Barneveld in the Netherlands. They are reliable layers of large dark brown speckled eggs, and are noted for being good winter layers. Their plumage has gorgeous gold lacing set off by black.

Silver Duckwing Leghorn

Leghorns are a light breed that originated in Tuscany, Italy and are known to be excellent layers of large white eggs. Silver Duckwing makes for a strikingly good-looking bird and is considered a rare colour in New Zealand. 

Salmon Faverolle

Salmon Faverolles are the barnyard comedians. They are enthusiastic about everything they do, curious to the point of nosiness and quite talkative! This heavy breed originated in a small village in France called Faverolles. The color of the feathers is a rich honeyed salmon color over the back, head and wings. Their muff makes them look adorable with their fluffy faces. Their legs are feathered and each foot has five toes.

Chinese Silkie

A bantam breed with black skin, five toes, and incredibly fluffy plumage. Known for their cute looks, friendly nature and excellent brooding skills. They lay a cream coloured egg.

Rosecomb Bantam

Rosecombs are a fancy, proud little breed of chicken. They're "true bantams" meaning there is no standard-size version of this chicken. These birds are kept mostly for exhibition as they are not noted for egg-laying abilities. They do however look stunning as ornaments roaming around the garden!

Belgium D'Uccle

Another favourite breed here at Old Mountain Fold. They are a true bantam breed with muffs, vulture hocks and excessively feathered feet. They have loads of personality and charm meandering around the garden. The breed is still a work in progress in New Zealand, and we aim to help this breed reach better standards. 

We sell fertile eggs for hatching, POL (point of lay) pullets, purebred roosters and laying hens. Birds can be pre-ordered.

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