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Highland Cattle are an ancient, heritage breed. They are hardy and low-maintenance, bred originally in the Scottish Highlands. They are excellent cattle for hills and rough pasture. They have beautiful shaggy coats that come in an array of colours: black, red, brindle, yellow, dun and white.

Highland beef is marbled and renowned for its tenderness and flavour. It has high iron and protein content, more so than usual commercial beef breeds and also boasts low cholesterol. The beef is good enough for the Queen of England to consume, having her own Highland cattle fold.

The cattle have loads of personality, good looks, calve easily, and are extremely good mothers.

While the breed is slower to mature, the heifers calving at three years old, the cows can continue calving up to twenty years old. 

We sell weaners, heifers, cows, steers and assessed and registered bulls. Occasionally we allow bull lease under contract.

We like to keep our calves on their mothers for a at least six months to ensure they get the best start to life. In the weaning process we feed them quality hard feed alongside grass, ensure to quiet the calves down, get them adjusted to human contact and ultimately for their new home. All stock will be vet checked, vaccinated, drenched, and Nait tagged. Available calves can be reserved prior to weaning.

Please enquire to find out more about our cattle for sale and availability.

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