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Hatching Eggs

We sell fertile hatching eggs from all our poultry, depending on what is available at the time. Please contact us to find out which breeds have eggs available for sale or to pre-order eggs from a particular breed. There is a minimum order of 6 eggs and a maximum order of 24. Eggs are priced depending on the breed, but are generally $3 per egg.(excluding geese)


Eggs can either be collected or couriered anywhere within New Zealand.

Fees for courier of eggs are as follows:

Urban North Island, Overnight Service - $16.50

Rural North Island - $19.50

Urban South Island - $17.50

Rural South Island - $20.50

South Island Overnight Service - $34.50

Please note that up to two dozen eggs can be sent at these prices. Eggs are posted earlier in the week to avoid the possibility of them sitting in a depot over the weekend.

Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Hatching eggs:

We do hatches of all our poultry throughout the year to test fertility rates, if fertility is not good from a particular group, we will not offer those eggs for sale. While we do our best to supply fresh eggs from healthy stock and package them with the utmost care, we cannot guarantee a successful hatch at your end. This is due to the fact that there are many variables when hatching eggs, such as inexperience, faulty incubators, rough handling, amongst many others, that can affect hatch rates. Therefore, we are no longer responsible once the eggs have been picked up or posted, and do not offer refunds.

We will not post the eggs until payment has been cleared, so please be prompt.

Your eggs may arrive with a bit of dirt on them, this is because we do not wash hatching eggs as it can make the eggs susceptible to contamination and harmful bacteria due to the outer protective layer having been damaged, which will negatively affect the development of the chick.

Happy hatching!

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