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About Our Fold

Old Mountain Fold began with the purchase of an in-calf Highland cow, Isabella of Sorn Lea, "because they are aesthetically pleasing" and "are good at foraging on hills". We quickly fell in love the breed and even more so after Bella had her heifer calf, Agnes. We purchased more cattle, learning as we went and making several mistakes along the way. Eventually, coming across the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society, we learned how to breed to maintain the integrity of the animal. With the help of the president of the NZHCS, we were able to purchase our first Fullblood, assessed and registered, pedigree Highland bull - Eadon Selkirk, a beautiful, placid, red bull. All of our stock are thoughtfully selected and registered with the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society.


In the poultry department, we started off, like most people, with four Brown Shaver hens for eggs. When it came time to replace our stock, we decided to try some heritage breeds. We collected several breeds, because, you can never have too many chooks, right? With the purchase of an incubator we discovered the thrill of hatching our own chicks. Watching a chick hatch out of an egg never ceases to amaze us. Our collection grew to include Muscovy ducks and Pilgrim Geese. The rest, as they say, is history. Our birds are carefully selected to ensure they are bred true to type as outlined in the New Zealand Poultry Standard.

Our Team

Breony is the boss around the fold, with a lot of help from her husband, Mitch. She grew up in the Waikato on a lifestyle block with many animals around and a father who is a veterinarian. Passionate about the performing arts, she studied Classical voice at Auckland University and worked for New Zealand Opera in Auckland as well as teaching from her private voice studio. After marrying, she eventually settled with her husband on their 10.5 acre lifestyle block on Old Mountain Road to live the good life. Since then they have added a daughter and two sons to their family as well as numerous cattle and poultry. Breony has become passionate about life-styling, gardening and agriculture in general and has discovered that breeding animals brings about a sense of satisfaction and joy into the day-to-day life with young children. She looks forward to meeting you and introducing you to her furry and feathered friends!

Our Team
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